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VVS - Vereniging Voor Sterrenkunde

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Been working hard on the software for the last 2 years. And now, the time has finally come to start working on the hardware side of the sim. But in order for me to be able to create the needed panels, I'll need someone with a cnc. So, if you own a cnc or have access to one and you would like to help in this project, please contact me.

It may look like not much has been done, but I did a lot of work on the site (upgraded the layout, added pages, ...) We also already released 2 versions of S3, as you've probably noticed. Well... Things are going real good!

I started a forum for all your questions!
Have a look here: Forum

We hope that the sim will be released this weekend, so keep an eye on the site. Meanwhile, I made a movie about the simulator. You'll need the latest version of windows media player to watch it (sorry Linux/Mac users...)

I received more info on the PHCC controllerboard. You can find text and pictures under "Controllerboard".

I did a lot of work on the panels.
I have a surprise on that, but I won't tell anything right now. But it will prove building a realistic sim isn't expensive!
I also expect the controllerboard one of these days. As soon as I get it, pictures will follow!

Created a search engine for controllerboards. Use it to determine what board suites you best.
You can always contact me for suggestions, or to correct the information in the engine.
Also, if you find a new board, please contact me!
Thanks to Manuel, for the permission to start with his data!
I also created a mailinglist myself, since the one I used was trash... I got some complaints about errors, so I decided I could do better!

22/8/2004 (2)
I added a mailinglist, so you receive a mail whenever the site is updated.
The mail will contain the text placed here, but no images, since it will be plain text, and I don't want my server to blow, due too much attachments.
You can subscribe on every page on the left, under the navigation.
There's an unsubscribe-function included in every mail.

It may look like I have nothing done, but nothing is less true!
I contacted several plastic-processing company's for my panels.
I also ordered the PHCC-controllerboard, tonight the order goes to the PCB-making company!
I hope I have it soon, so I can start coding and testing.
I also did some research on the transportability of the shuttle.
From the latest info I received from Dan (another shuttle specialist), the shuttle will be 3.11m wide max.
This makes that I have to contact the government if I want to build it in a trailer this large, because the maximum is 2.5m. I hope everything works out right!

Finished the layout of all the panels.
Every panel is in PDF vector image, and ready to go to the printing shop.
Here you see panel L2 (click for PDF version):

Here is the first sketch (click for a larger version):