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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm getting an 'invalid' message after your email!
A: Your link is only valid for one download, request a new link here.

Q: I give my email and it says:You entered a non-existing email. Please recheck!: www.site.com
A lot of people give a bogus mail address. That's why I created a checking mechanism. It checks if the site after the @ is valid. Some mails won't pass the test, even if they are valid. Try another mailadres, ask a friend if he can request a link for you, ... If everything else fails, contact me for a link, I'll be happy to help you.

Q: Why do you need my email?
A: Just to make sure other sites don't use my (expensive) bandwidth. If you leave the checkbox unchecked, your emailadress will be removed immediately!

The Game
Q: There's a bug on T - ....., I can't get past it!
A: A lot of people finished it over and over. There's probably just 1 switch you forget. Keep trying. If you've really done it a gazillion times, ask for help, but really, there shouldn't be any bugs on that!

Q: Is there a way to turn that ATC chatter off?
A: Not ingame at the moment. But there's a little trick: just create a folder (wavbak for example) and cut/paste all the Chat1-50.wav files to that folder.

Q: I found a bug, the doors won't close while in orbit!
A: That's indeed a bug, well not a real one. The instructions given are assuming you've just done some on orbit operation, that's why they tell you to switch to OPS202 while you're still there. Do this to close the doors: "Item 1 exec" then "item 3 exec". Now throw the switch for open/close doors.

Help me
I need help! QUICK!
A: Do a search in the forum, take a look in this FAQ. If the answer isn't here, try asking it on the forum.